Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curved lines.. (2)

Pyxis of love…

Six in the evening.

I was thirteen,he sixteen

In the backyard of our house,

Playing with pebbles.

The soft brush of his hand against my arm,

When his mother called,

And he had to leave for home.

I still remember,

I blushed every evening,at his touch,

And my mother did see it every evening.

We grew up hand in hand.

Probably made for each other.

Seven in the evening.

I was eighteen,he twenty one.

In the backyard,feet on pebbles,

He had breathed into my hair,

I gasped at his neck.

His tough hands lightly against my arm.

My mother called out once,

He moved aside to meet m y eyes,

I looked aside and clutched his shirt harder,

He,__kissed my ckeek bone

Maybe I had turned peppermint pink,

My mother called again,

I hurriedly kissed him on his neck,

And saw him leave for home..




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