Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ami aj esechi

Tomake golpo shonate..

Shono go tumi amar golpo

Hobe mone betha olpo-sholpo..

Cholbe onek amar raj-kahini

Pothe pabe onek sukher bahini..

Legeche tomar hather kone,ektu kali

Chelebelai dhuye diyechilam hantur bali..

Chotobela theke tumi hoyecho onek boro

Ajke amar kothar majhe,kothai choro..

Haath-ti dhore,cholo shonge

Par kore jabo tomar bongo-te..

Dakche akash

Dakche batash

Aj hobena keu hotash..

Metechi hridoye

Mridu hawai..

Shondhhe-bela,amae notun sokha

Jaglo mone ojosro pakha..

Hariye jabar din

Ami bhangbo shokol rin..

Ajke amar cholar pothe

Chorbo amar ronger rothe..

Dhoya-ai ami mishe jabo

Onge tomar roye jabo..

Dakche akash

Dakche batash

Aj hobena keu hotash..

Bajche bashi

Haschi hashi..

Bajche amar haather taali

Nei go amar,hridoy khali..

Shobdo-choyon-e kothar khela

Chotur-dike mor kotha mela..

Oije moyur kore nacha-nachi

Shokol dukhhe ami shonge achi..

Notun diner,notun barta

Cholche amar jibon jatra..

Kotha kothai sesh holo?

Tumi je ghumiye porle go..

Amar golpo shone ke

Ajkeo tumi na shune

Ghumiye porle toh go…………


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here in this small creation, I’ve stiched together some exquisite intricate feeling of helplessness,which might be hard for my readers to catch..because,no one other than me can view the canvas I’ve painted in my mind…which is all,that makes this poem special to me……

Its about the helplessness when one sees a child,who has just lost her mother,holding on to the last gift from her-a sibling…and the child sits..smeared in the blood of her mother…and one debates how one can gather the strength to console the child….the very short poem here,displays the pain in the mind,of not the child,but the one who sees the child….

Dusty darkness

Joler nokshai jibon badhe na

Kono kotha je aj mon-e rakhe na..

Bola kotha, jibone jotha,

Theke jabe sur-er badhon-e..

Jane tare, sur-e kande,

Aj betha, mon-e aay re..

Hawai metechi, tai jibone ekechi,

Ei bikol bichitro bidirNo chitropot:::



Matri hara sishur kole,

Aj bedheche badhon..

Shukno hawai jhinuk dole

Shur-er taale rabon er nachon..



Dukhho kiore choi na tare,

Parai boshe, rokte sishu

Tare haath chuibe kemone re

Shokol mon jigyasu..



Herechi aj shokol beshe

Bareni je pa,tar nikote,

Ghuribo kotha choddo-beshe,

Sishu hetha pore,tar choukathe II


Monday, October 11, 2010

Anondo upobhog

Shorot er khola neel akashe, mugdho hashi heshe,kash ful er bon-e hariye jete jete mone ek notun abeg udjapito hoi….|..notun kichu paoar asha,notun kichu upobhog korar asha—ek notun jibon—ek notun din..notun diner alto chowa..| dhakir dhaker taale,alta makha paaye jokhon narira debir shamne dhunoc

hi naache mogno hoi,tokhon doihik o manoshik akorshone hritpindo kepe othe…|

Purohiter sonskrit slok,kashor ghonta,dhunor dhoya,shonkher dhoni, poribar-sojoner bhir—ei sober majhe,amio ei shokol anondo upobhog er ongshidar hote cholechi..| ek odbhut abeg o kheyal er poristhiti…|…moner beg tokhon alor cheyeo druto hoi..| choto boro shokoler majhe,ami ek bishal-akhhi ongikar..|..prokrti poribesh jokhon shongo dai,tokhon ta bhashiye dai kheyal shrote,olik kolponar jogote,bhalobashar makha makhi-te..

With durga puja round the corner..i’ll be keeping aloof from my blog for quite a while,to let myself discover the happiness in meeting old friends,gathering in pandals,chattering,the extra dose of spicy fast food,with no bar on home-made narus,nimkis,n sweets…..moments to be captured…bugging elder brothers for sumptuous treat…a time to gorge on icecreams n candy floss…jumping into the soft bed n relax after tiresome night parties….n celebrating the discovery of chocolate,that slowly melts in the mouth,to infuse the body with a revived spirit!....n standing up on the chair,to gaze at the kaash ful growing in the field by my house…d dhaki….life,is surely going to be different for the coming few days,as I give in to the temptation of melody n aroma of the air…

With lots of love,n happy wishes….wishing all,a happy durga puja…. J

From the blogger,herself……swasTIKA


Bulk mechanism

sprawling allegorism

sophisticated arrogance

undignified relevance

Enforced servitude

Orchestral prelude

Harmonic avalanches

Subtrahending grudges

Teat drops crystalline

Subterranean malign

Elytron of confusion

Installed aversion

Afternoon siesta

Sensible fashionista

Aid of buoyancy

Turbines of idiocy

Boxes of cinnamon

Aroma of cardamon

Shimmering cascade

Smoking grenade

Gushing adrenaline

Rhythmic beguine


Sunday, October 10, 2010

The whooshing car splattering muddy water..

Gliding past familiar places..

The cycle bells(of friends) calling me out..

The anticipated night call from a friend..

Counting the number of b’day wishes received..

Becoming insane at times..

Indulging in remorseful activities..

Or sneaking in a story book under the quilt..

Dreaming of slushy molten chocolate..

Smell of pizzas,burning the mucosa of stomach..

Endearing desires..

Secret wishes..

Glum face on result day..

Rejoicing on baby-brother’s b’day..

Fighting for a ride on the merry-go-round..

Comparing with others..

Envying small sister..

Hankering for colourful candies..

Hiding a crush..

Feeling faint,after a prolonged sports practice..

Worrying about tanned skin..

Ignoring mom’s yellings..

Mom dragging me to feet,from bed,in the morning..

Gazing at the blue sky and feathered clouds..

Trying to count the no. of stars in night sky..

Freaking over some gorgeous dress..

Attempts to make maggi all alone..

Dreading the dark of the night..

Tuning into my fav radio station…

Hiding a tear..

Struggling for one marks increase in answer-script..

Life goes on….there’s always something more to life…


Curvature of sun-shine

The weight of the cruel pain beneath the wound,refuses to be washed away under the gushing water from the tap of the sink……..and so,I write,to let the crystallized feelings within me,melt away from my heart…..I write…to let my words vapourize like thin spirit,that tickles the nasal passage… let my bile churn inside the stomach,allowing the hurricane to rise……to let my thoughts be washed away by the torrential rain,under the dark clouds__and disappear like the morning mist……

Complexity is a welcome-break for keeps me at ease,its like churning every single thread of thought,into a bowl of thick gravy,…..and one has to mess both hands,to wriggle out the simple……like fusing sense into non-sense…


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Meristimatic aggression

Mental reservation


Mischevious miracle

Minute tentacle


Multiple metaphors

Noisy meteors


Deformed missile

Missionary guile


Mitigating mistakes

Monastery estates


Mistaken monarch

Monumental arch


Moonlit mongrel

Avenging angel


Morbid entanglement

Mutual acknowledgement


Morganatic marriage

Ruminating rummage


Mourning meadow

Mermerizing shadow


Boulevard of bruised body

The whirling wind of debacle,coalace into a superposition of indescence and tormented turbulence,which in gradual succession,recedes into a mirror of serene tranquility…..



The heavenly intellect uprooted from the twilight of salvation,are vanquished like those withered leaves and unturned feelings... It slowly ripples as the redemption of the flourishing exuberance,which with the passage of time are rubbed into glittery dust of golden feathers….


Monday, October 4, 2010

Poetry for me,is not about is about throwing out my pain and unspoken feelings..what I write maynot and doesnot appeal to all..because whatever I write,has a cause…a cause that probably stems from what has happened to me..what I imagine..what I see..i face..

Poetry for me,..probably is the sling of symbolism-“my pet”…something that I use to prevent others from understanding,what I understand…and within those hidden words I let my feelings----open----free---feelings which cannot be held by someone or anyone….

I guess I’m sorta crazy..kicked off in the mind..but who cares..i stand out..i’m different..strange…........................*not as good as you..neither as bad as I can be………*

--------so,here’s a note from the blogger…Swastika

The stigma of proliferation

Spondon-e hridoy-e

Jibon baje jokhon..

Sur-er taal hariye

Mon hoi jokhom….

Dulche jokhon,mone akhon

Nachte dilam,oigo tare

Chokher konai,oshru banai,

Tobe e jhorbe kemon-e?


Saturday, October 2, 2010

The essence of pujo

Bajche dhaker taaler shur-e

Bashi onek dure dure

Megh elo eshe ure…..

Pujor bedi chondone molin

Ghoniye elo pujor din

Ghucbe shokol pon-er rin….



Shima shimanto-er baire

Odhir shikar,kon prante jaire…

The touch of the faint smile

Extravagance of thought enjoying an exile..

Ronger pata muche

Kon patar kon-e khuje…

A living baby within a womb respires

Drawing away life,the mother expires..

Palonke su-sojjito nari

Shukher ma-er haathchani…

A perpetual warmth exudes

The lady in pink gown,eludes..

Muche deoa rong-er khela

Lukiye shoto-hajar kotha nana…

Straps of curling green laurel

Stamping below,a sheet of rubble..

Shoptom roth-e chore pothik

Hoyeche poth-binash-er nabik..

Bristles away all desert roses

Brambles braided into prim-roses..


Friday, October 1, 2010

The shadow of extravagance

Din-er majhe din-er jatra

Ghoniye shokol rin-er matra…..

Orthobihin sobde seje

Ichhe-er majhe ichhe moje….

Harano kothai haranor madokota

Choddo-tola theke porar adrota….

Dodulloman ei shopner deshe

Shopnabishto akorshon-er akrosh-e….

Motte mete udbhranto

Khelai mogno sishu shanto….

Churai chore churanto

Chondon-e lipto shorojontro….

Kaliborno kalo meghe mekhe

Kal-krome durjoi dake….

Durjoi majhe megher roddur

Shopner chaya-ai,ghum bhongur…..



Raat-er bosh-e
Noika bhashe
Nodir roshe
Foring hashe..

Dana mele
Chokhti tule
Anondo dhele
Rokte gule..

Akla boshe,kotha bheshe
Asche amar paane
Dakchi tader,fuler beshe
Dhorchi tader pran-e..

Gaan geye mon dakche kare
Shobdo jokhon chokh-e kom pore……


Rastar dhare

Koigo opare

Dhorche na toh amare,

Cholte firte

Gori pori

Dhorbo kare,jani nare.

Kichu dharai

Shokto bhashai

Jibon dharon hashai,

Rokte bheshe

Motte heshe

Chockher jol nachai.

  • chara gach

Chayar niche duti haath dhore
Kache kache ashe ,guti guti paaye,duti pran..
Dui projapoti,bosh ek ful-e
Ful mugdho hoye othe bhalobashar rosh-e.
Pran khule urte dao tare
Hawai chul orate dao tare..
Chute chai mon,sorche na pa
Haath gutiye tobe,rong k kotha…

Surjer abha k chuilo e dui prani
Pran toh aktai dekhi,jotodur chahi
Joler alto choyao chuyeo na tare
Bhoi hoi,muche jete pare..

Charidike dekhi j ami golap ful
Uthiye niye jao,tobe onek dur..
Dur hetha,jetha nei jol
Mon-e nischoi barbe bhalobashar bol..
Bhalobasha toh shukhe ache ochinpur-er deshe
Ami j koshte din katai heshe..
Aha,ki modhur hashi,hashitam akoda
Akantoi dami j,e bhubon-e,jibon-ta..

Pothe pothe pothik hoye
Hariye hariye monhara hoye..
Purechi agun-e,olonkarito hoyechi chhai-e
Mukto hashi,mukto glani te heshe takai..
Peyechi such,peyechi tomai
Aj o dariye ami,shunno shithai..



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