Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here in this small creation, I’ve stiched together some exquisite intricate feeling of helplessness,which might be hard for my readers to catch..because,no one other than me can view the canvas I’ve painted in my mind…which is all,that makes this poem special to me……

Its about the helplessness when one sees a child,who has just lost her mother,holding on to the last gift from her-a sibling…and the child sits..smeared in the blood of her mother…and one debates how one can gather the strength to console the child….the very short poem here,displays the pain in the mind,of not the child,but the one who sees the child….

Dusty darkness

Joler nokshai jibon badhe na

Kono kotha je aj mon-e rakhe na..

Bola kotha, jibone jotha,

Theke jabe sur-er badhon-e..

Jane tare, sur-e kande,

Aj betha, mon-e aay re..

Hawai metechi, tai jibone ekechi,

Ei bikol bichitro bidirNo chitropot:::



Matri hara sishur kole,

Aj bedheche badhon..

Shukno hawai jhinuk dole

Shur-er taale rabon er nachon..



Dukhho kiore choi na tare,

Parai boshe, rokte sishu

Tare haath chuibe kemone re

Shokol mon jigyasu..



Herechi aj shokol beshe

Bareni je pa,tar nikote,

Ghuribo kotha choddo-beshe,

Sishu hetha pore,tar choukathe II


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