Monday, October 11, 2010

Anondo upobhog

Shorot er khola neel akashe, mugdho hashi heshe,kash ful er bon-e hariye jete jete mone ek notun abeg udjapito hoi….|..notun kichu paoar asha,notun kichu upobhog korar asha—ek notun jibon—ek notun din..notun diner alto chowa..| dhakir dhaker taale,alta makha paaye jokhon narira debir shamne dhunoc

hi naache mogno hoi,tokhon doihik o manoshik akorshone hritpindo kepe othe…|

Purohiter sonskrit slok,kashor ghonta,dhunor dhoya,shonkher dhoni, poribar-sojoner bhir—ei sober majhe,amio ei shokol anondo upobhog er ongshidar hote cholechi..| ek odbhut abeg o kheyal er poristhiti…|…moner beg tokhon alor cheyeo druto hoi..| choto boro shokoler majhe,ami ek bishal-akhhi ongikar..|..prokrti poribesh jokhon shongo dai,tokhon ta bhashiye dai kheyal shrote,olik kolponar jogote,bhalobashar makha makhi-te..

With durga puja round the corner..i’ll be keeping aloof from my blog for quite a while,to let myself discover the happiness in meeting old friends,gathering in pandals,chattering,the extra dose of spicy fast food,with no bar on home-made narus,nimkis,n sweets…..moments to be captured…bugging elder brothers for sumptuous treat…a time to gorge on icecreams n candy floss…jumping into the soft bed n relax after tiresome night parties….n celebrating the discovery of chocolate,that slowly melts in the mouth,to infuse the body with a revived spirit!....n standing up on the chair,to gaze at the kaash ful growing in the field by my house…d dhaki….life,is surely going to be different for the coming few days,as I give in to the temptation of melody n aroma of the air…

With lots of love,n happy wishes….wishing all,a happy durga puja…. J

From the blogger,herself……swasTIKA

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