Saturday, October 2, 2010


Shima shimanto-er baire

Odhir shikar,kon prante jaire…

The touch of the faint smile

Extravagance of thought enjoying an exile..

Ronger pata muche

Kon patar kon-e khuje…

A living baby within a womb respires

Drawing away life,the mother expires..

Palonke su-sojjito nari

Shukher ma-er haathchani…

A perpetual warmth exudes

The lady in pink gown,eludes..

Muche deoa rong-er khela

Lukiye shoto-hajar kotha nana…

Straps of curling green laurel

Stamping below,a sheet of rubble..

Shoptom roth-e chore pothik

Hoyeche poth-binash-er nabik..

Bristles away all desert roses

Brambles braided into prim-roses..


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