Sunday, October 10, 2010

The whooshing car splattering muddy water..

Gliding past familiar places..

The cycle bells(of friends) calling me out..

The anticipated night call from a friend..

Counting the number of b’day wishes received..

Becoming insane at times..

Indulging in remorseful activities..

Or sneaking in a story book under the quilt..

Dreaming of slushy molten chocolate..

Smell of pizzas,burning the mucosa of stomach..

Endearing desires..

Secret wishes..

Glum face on result day..

Rejoicing on baby-brother’s b’day..

Fighting for a ride on the merry-go-round..

Comparing with others..

Envying small sister..

Hankering for colourful candies..

Hiding a crush..

Feeling faint,after a prolonged sports practice..

Worrying about tanned skin..

Ignoring mom’s yellings..

Mom dragging me to feet,from bed,in the morning..

Gazing at the blue sky and feathered clouds..

Trying to count the no. of stars in night sky..

Freaking over some gorgeous dress..

Attempts to make maggi all alone..

Dreading the dark of the night..

Tuning into my fav radio station…

Hiding a tear..

Struggling for one marks increase in answer-script..

Life goes on….there’s always something more to life…


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