Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curved lines.. (10)

Pyroclastic Flow

For days,he couldn’t talk to me

For days,I didn’t want to talk to him..

Several nights I didn’t cook,

And he didn’t have dinner..

I grew weaker,

He grew worse.

I no longer accompanied him to his doctor,

And I didn’t go to my doctor;

My eyes swelled,

Got marked by dark rings..

I had forgone proper food and water..

And then,

On night,after dinner,

When I was engaged in some work,

He called out to me,shyly,oddly,abruptly

Probably to ask something,

Like he was afraid to..

I glared back at him,

And he lowered his eyes.

I walked to him

And I slapped him


With both my hands.

I tore open his shirt

I pulled his hair

I hit him with my fist,

Never did he budge,never did he protest

“give me back my baby”

,I yelled..

And with that,

I left his house…


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