Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sensitized luminiscence

Bursting ballons
Roudy goons.

Spilled ink
No time to blink.

Granules of dust
Flavoured crust.

Dreamy innocence
Goal across the fence.

Autumn leaves
Resurrecting Jinx.

Developing embryo
Paintings by Michelangelo.

Migrating ideas
Cruelty is righteous.

Uproaring silence
Playing with dust grains.

Desensitized emotions

Depression erupts
Life ends abrupt.

Information encrypted
Warriors in war defeated.

Imaginary fantasy
Reality deficiency.

Rising figure
Immortal liquor.

Feast of Barmicide
Commiting homicide.

Riddling mirrors
Frizzled *******

Inadequate robbery
Life has become an injury.



  1. This one is superb...really..
    "Developing embryo
    Paintings by Michelangelo."--- nice :D



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