Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The moon is no longer what it used to be for me.. because I’m no longer in love! The moon has ceased to shine in its pure,serene, virgin white beauty…

The dark night no longer contrasts brightly with the white light of the moon…. The moon,rather, is no longer beautiful in its graceful white beauty… … it is smeared by the blood spilled by thousands of dying lovers who donot and cannot close their eyes at night……. The blood smeared on the face of the moon, disturbs the purity of the white light. . . I see the distinct orange-red-yellow deep tinge on the moon, instead of the white lady I used to see every night,in the night sky!

… …… ……. Don’t you suppose, even my blood is responsible for having snatched the virginity of the white colour of the moon………..?

Is it all because I’m no longer in love?


Thy moon,I’ll come and..

…mourn over your coffin.







  1. Everybody is to some extent beguiled by those mushy stuffs!.. Love is too broad to dwindle down to mere illusion, my friend..
    anyways, really good stuff..
    Regards~ Sayandeep

  2. Apart from this amazing image and the lovely dress you are wearing, the lines you have written are really inspiring and dragged my attention to them. i loved reading every single word you have written



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