Saturday, May 1, 2010


It was a stark cold night..
I stoodin the verandah..
With my back to the moon.
In the cloudless night sky..
My shawl slipped down to my shoulders,
And I let it fall,
And it fell to the ground.
The sides of the shawl touched my feet,
The north wind hit my chest..
Cold chills ran down my spine,
My nerves quivered lightly.

I closed my eyes,
Drops of water dripped from the roof,
Of the vening rain,it fell on my wrist.
My waxed skin marked up by convolusions,a reflex.
I shook in cold.
Staring into the night.
Its one thirty,…in the night..
With the faint dimlight of the balcony,
Glowing into night dreams of the sleeping beauties of the town.

I waited for you,
I waited for your warmth to melt me in the cold.
The wind slowed down to a breeze,
Cold freezing breeze..
I let my hair drop..
Burgundy shaded locks of my hair,fell on my face..
I brushed them to the back of my ear,
My hair swinging gently in the breeze…

The smell of my shampooed hair
Floated around me,mixing with the smell of the night air..
A leaf from a neighbouring treeb blew in,
It fell a step away from my feet.
I stared at my deep red polished toe nails.
I stared…I stooped.
I stooped down and picked up the leaf.
I turned and moved back to my room,
Trampling the shawl on the way
The leaf clasped in my hand….
I had got you

Only my shawl lay alone in the dim balcony light,
Feeling the cold of the night.


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