Saturday, May 1, 2010


Butterflies by the day
Fireflies by the night..

Insufficient light
I’m beaten in the fight..

I woke up to tear you apart
To find you were a greater expert..

I stabbed at your back,with fear
I then dropped and dabbed at my tears..

Yelling in contempt
At my much failed attempt..

You turned at me,alive a bit
I feared,you might think me as the culprit..

I hid my black blood smeared hands
In my eyes,tears yet to be enhanced..

I took awash in the shower
Thinking of once,I had been tender like a flower..

I turned back,and you crushed me
Within the folds of paper,a dead bee..

I saw stars,I saw sparkles
I was half dead like you,just a miracle..

Half dead,I thought,magnificient
In time to realize it was insipient..

Barely alive,you blew air to my face,
That was all it needed to make me lifeless..


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