Monday, May 3, 2010


Outside it was raining
Inside it was dark
I walked in from the rain,staggering to my room..
Water dripped from my hair
Drops fell on my bed,it wet the bedsheet..
I tried to sit down on the bed
When I dragged myself to the floor
Wet bangles jingled,as they struk against the hard ground
I spreadmy left leg to relax,
I pulled my dress above my knee
My head rested on the bed,
The shoulder strap slipped down,
The wet dress clung to my body..

Somewhere in the house,upstairs windows were open
The curtains swayed and danced
Water trickled down the stairs,
A smashing sound
A window pane broke,
The fierce wind howled
The rain stopped.
Only the periodic sound of the drops
Of water,from the tap,falling on the utensils,
In the kitchen sink.
I gazed at the ceiling,half knowing what to do..

I knew why you had broken up with me,
I knew why you couldn’t tolerate my love for you,
I knew you would never come back to me,
I knew you wouldn’t ever face me….
I knew you loved her,
I knew you used to run to get a glimpse of her,
I knew you craved for her love,
I knew it..i knew it…all…
But I never knew,you would kill yourself for her.

My head stung,my limbs stiff
I stirred in my sleep,I pulled open my eyes,
Still at the foot of the bed.
I got up and pulled myself to the kitchen,
Gulped down water,aspirin and paracetamol.
I took the towel and pushed the bathroom door open.
I don’t know how,I don’t know why,
But it all came back to me,it flashed again.
Crumbled as I was,I got crushed to the ground,
I knew you were dead,dead for your love.
I pulled my hair,I scratched my face,
I banged my head against the wall,
Blood oozed out of my lower lip



  1. Sotti bolchi....Briliiant..fantastic...khub khub bhalo hoyeche

  2. thank you :)
    impressed n encouraged

  3. hey superb these ur own thoughts I think so becoz I have many like this many diaries me written some words & punchlines little bit match so interesting to saw someone do like me.....



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