Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curved lines.. (8)


Frequent visits to the doctor fo him continued,
He,struggling with himself.
And my visits to the doctor continued,
As the baby in me kept sprouting,
__My cute baby
Seven and a half months in me,
And my baby had already grown naughty.
It was my birthday,
And he had forced me into agreeing,
To allow him to take me out,that night.
To make the day sPecial..
He made me walk to tha couch,
And let me sit carefully.
He placed my feet on his knees,
And he made me close my eyes,
And I did.
He glided my feet into a new pair of shoes.
I opened my eyes,
GOD!,he was mad!
I was seven and a half months pregnant,
Expecting me to walk around in stilletoes!
He argued about those Hollywood actresses..
I punched him lightly in the cheek,
Pulling him up beside me,
I demanded a replacement of my b-day gift.
He placed one hand on my bulging belly,
And slid a ring on my finger.
He looked solemnly into my eyes,
And said,”I’ll take care of you”.


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