Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curved lines.. (7)


It was seven in the summer evening,
A storm rising in the sky.
I rushed to the backyard,
To bring inside the hanging clothes.
The trees swinging,the sky darkened.
He came fom back,
And kissed my shoulder,
Half the clothes fell from my hand..
As his hand rose up my shoulder,
The neck,the cheekbone,
I remembered the first kiss in the backyard.
Sideways through my eyesight,
I saw his sister,
She had come running to pick up the clothes.
Embarrassed by our embrace,
She blushed and went inside,
The baby in me was four months and twelve days ol’
With the wind almost blowing us away.
We together savoured the storm night out,
And I relished the moments with him..
Confined in his arms..

A months after,
His sister was married off,
To the guy who carried her soul around..
We saw a part of our growing up__Anisha,leave…


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