Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curved lines.. (6)


One night,
After clearing the plates,I moved to our room.
He was on the bed,reading some book,
While I arranged the clothes..
I saw him,and remembered how he used to be,
I arranged my work papers,
Thinking of him.
I shut the door,switched off the light,
And went to bed.
He was asleep.
I turned the other side,
Thinking of the pain he underwent,
I couldn’t take away his physicsl pain..
He endured everything,every treatment silently..
Smiling.He understood the pain he inflicted on me,
Warm tears ran down my eyes,down my ears..
A warm hand placed on my arm,he touched the burn marks,it hurt even today.

He came closer this time,searching for my fingers,
Not a word for me to say,
He brushed his lips aginst my shoulders,
Trying to say something..
“Do you love me like before?”,he questioned.
Tears welled up
And I let out a deep sigh..
I turned to face him,
Lifting my head above the pillow,
I touched his lips with my index finger,
“You doubt?”
He moved my finger from his lips,
And drew me closer,
“Sort of”,he said..
A drop fell on his lip.”why?”
And he justified,”I did so much to you..”
And he touched my burn marks again.
“you didn’t mean to”
“You know that?”,he enquired.
I bent down further,
My locks of hair fell on his chest,
Brushed my cheek against his.
Then he turned a bit,
I kissed his ear,he responded,
And he kissed me back,where I don’t remember..
Frequent kisses,and he was mine again,
He brushed aside my hair,
And I loosened my dress,
He pulled it down,
And I looked up to meet his eyes.
Our lips met,
We kissed
And we made love
Forgetting for a while,his momentary,unpleasant fits..


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  1. I am not fond of poetries but sometime I just read few and I found this one really awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us..



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