Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curved lines.. (5)


A few months after,
It was nine in the night.
Back from work,
I moved to the kitchen.
Preparing dinner for the three of us.
He washed and came to me,
Holding me from back.
Half restricting my easy movements,
Yet,I liked it,after a tiresome day.
I kept stirring the gravy,
And he kept kissing my neck..
I pronounced his name,
Asking him to move off..
He didn’t and I didn’t want him to
I took the lighter,to light the gas stove.
I lit it,
Then,his hold on me loosened,
He took the lighter,and started,
Setting fire to things around..
With fire all round,my vocal chords burst open.,
I shrieked,
And there he was still setting fire to other things.
His sister rushed out from her room,
She yelled out_______

I still have those burn marks on my arm.

Pyromania-I had diagonised,
But there was more to it,
My co-Doctors had deduced from several tests.
He suffered from fits,uncontrolled nerve impulses,
And hard it was to control him.
Unpredictable as he became..
I did all I could,
And yet things fell short.
Compassion and love isn’t a fast healer,
I knew a doctor.


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