Saturday, May 22, 2010

Curved lines.. (4)

Quintessence of love..

A few months after

His mother had seen us married

She passed away..

While my parents moved away,

To live their last days in siliguri.

We moved to my house,

With his sister along.

I remember,

A few days after the departure,

Of his mother’s soul unto heaven,

One morning,

I was in the backyard,

Breathing in the freshness of the mourning air

Along with deep breaths of morning air,

Family still mourning her death.

He came up close to me.

Closed my eyes and placed on my hand,


I opened my eyes to see a casket of jasmine flowers.

He was still looking at me,

And I was aware of that.

I couldn’t look back at him.

It was my birthday,the casket and flowers,

A birthday gift..

He kissed me lightly on my cheek,

His brow still creased from mourning.

I hid my face in his shirt,

I cried,while he clung me to his chest….


1 comment:

  1. Quintessence of love makes my mind fresh and i am very happy to read this poem about love i must say you are very creative thanks..



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