Sunday, November 7, 2010

I dedicate this post to my friend,aamen…who introduced me to blogging….sure enough,she was only advertising for her own blog..but still,I can’t help but thank her.. :)

As the no of school days are gradually dwindling,I use one of my posts to thank her..without whom….jus like my previous poems,the poems in my blog too,would have been lost….blogging is my way of preserving my poems..previosly I have lost around 45 of my poems,when I knew not blogging…so thanks to blogging…n Aamen(a blogger n a school-friend)..

So,heres to her…a gift :) ; )

Counting the no. of songs you have memorized

Counting the no. of times we have hi-fived…


Counting the no. of bridal dresses short-listed

Counting the no. of ways you’re god-gifted….


Counting the no. of days I’ve known you well

Counting the no. of times,a lizard makes you yell


Counting the no. of times,your spit-balls attack me

Counting the no. of you pestered me for “bumble-bee”


Counting my brother as your possible life-partner

Counting the no. of times,you speak of Taylor Lautner


Counting the no. of school-days left….

Here I wonder,how many times,has Aamen wept?



By the way,whatz the last count of “randomness”!?

::::::::::: :::::::::::: :::::::::::: :::::::::::

“”madness in school”” soon to be a closed chapter

How will I do without you,here after!?



  1. continued from aamen's scrapbook... :)

  2. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

  3. sweetheart....its u who inspires me to write...and thanks a lott for d appreciation but i don't really deserve ya...Aamen.

  4. luvv u 2 friend :)

    n u desrve it..u knw dat.. :)



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