Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ontoheen…the endless wait….

The wish that harbours my soul..

I wish..i wish I were born in a wealthy family..with no compulsions as to get an early job,to finance the family…I wish I were not bound to some rules…some necessities of this family…wishing..to be allowed to do what I want to do….

And what is it that I want…?

You wanna know…

…I don’t like to and want to compete..i don’t want to be a part of the wild-goose chase in this world…I don’t want to run..i want to wander..i want to lay back,and learn…….that is what I want..learn……know…see..

I would’t mind being enveloped by the fineness of art—of knowing—of understanding—the intrinsic charm of poetry,of the distinct crystallized soul—the earth__ like touching everything, I can smell………learning to speak___culturing the soul—slowly-----naturally____something that is endless…………that is what I want__wanted to happen to me……

….like being allowed to breathe in deep__being allowed to observe__to be silent__to get down on the earth__see the world…exploring the depths of Divinity,the beauty of it…..

Words can’t set down the intensity of my desire---___i alone can feel the mist of it around me,the warmth if it,which swells up my heart….like sinking deep into the Divine___i want that..but its all..just a distant star in my night sky_----something that I can only desire to have___but never have…



  1. But I know..all I got to do is..stick my head into some silly fat science books..and then run to get a job….with my life landed into a dungeon…

    Yes..i do fancy the vibrant motion of electrons..the totipotency of cells..the dissolution of solutes in the solvent..but never did I fancy those attached jumbo sized equations and formulas…I simply dnt understand them…… :(

  2. You do relish to think..to ponder or mull over the topic that you study.. That's a pretty good sign. The very urge of exploring the hidden mystery of the universe surrounding you is not just about equations galore..Equations have certain implications..Envisage things of nature surrounding you by interpreting the equations you come across in your science books. That's where the beauty of an equation lies..not the symbols... not the numbers...not the signs..but all of them put together..and then you dig the implication of each and every sign, number ..not symbol but its physical explanation...

    Mathematics is just a cryptic toast to dig the pearls out...Natural Sciences are just resorting to that cryptic treatment to explain the natural phenomena that keep eluding you..

    It's good that they elude you..
    Regards~ Sayandeep

  3. true ..but you see beauty is 2b relished..it takes time for the chocolate to melt in the mouth,to taste it...similarly..it takes time to enjoy the beauty of the mystry in science...
    but then whr is the tym 2 ponder? science means being fast..rapid..leaping 4m 1 chapter 2 the other... :)

  4. That's so unlikely of savoring real science..
    It's as much amazing as taking a holy dip into poetry..:)

  5. Let the carnal cubes melt into the mouth
    That I savor the taste of real lines
    While the tumult of tormented numbers
    will yawn at your dawn from a sleeping despair
    to kiss the bliss of cross, checkers and petite parabola....
    Where figures are blooming patterns
    and nature is a solution of thousand equations
    of fright, of delight, of all your earthly possession
    Signs sigh to live high on such cryptic toast
    as bitter-sweet dark chocolate of the poet to boast.

  6. err* 1.possessions
    2.as the bitter sweet chocolate........boast.

  7. i feel the essence of it...mmm! amazing!

  8. did u notice..evn ur comments are so impressive..(sort of exotic!)......n u thought i was running abreast of u?....me of u !?....dnt u think its js too funny?!!


  9. amar raat jaga tara..
    tomar akash choya bari..
    paina chute tomai
    amar ekla lage bhari!

  10. Hi Swastika,

    I can't believe that there is someone in this world who thinks exactly like me! Awesome I don't like to compete and take life as it comes as well as I pay attention to divinity and to teach and nurture the soul than anything else. You can read your own post to comprehend me. Thanks for sharing it with the world! Keep writing!

  11. thanks for encouraging :))

    thank u so much....i wish u had left back ur adress,so that i cud hav contacted u back



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