Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creativity competition


So many creative writing competitions are held in my school..every year…interchool..intraschool..etc…

I write so much daily…but never have I ever won any such competition.. Actually,the whole idea or concept of writing----TO COMPETE—never does fascinate me….


Rather,it sorta sound weird…the whole arrangement of it..writing is one’s is not to be displayed to impress is to satisfy quench one’s own thirst.___It is simply so weird---there is a specific topic given,specific time..and what more…..a WORD LIMIT!!!

…its jus so funny!


I did once attend such a competition(actually I didn’t out of my own desire..i was forced into an invitation by my English teacher)…you know,what I did there?...In the beginningi tried to jot down something,___then I spent quite some time—observing others—someone bent over her paper..someone scribbling…someone trying hard to extract something worthwhile___i gazed on__and then__after a while,I pushed back my chair,and submitted my almost blank paper and walked off___

MOREOVER,creativity CANNOT BE JUDGED .._because the creator alone knows the creation implicitly_ _ _and the judge or the observer might not have(generally doesnot have) the perception of the creator,to judge the creation,…..and this is my opinion..


p.s. opinions vary from one person to the other..


and so,when you read/see a creation by someone else,you only have the right and the ability to express what it makes you feel,but never…good or bad…….. :)



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