Saturday, November 13, 2010

The girl who left her heart in her soul…kichu kotha bhule jao na


Surjo je dhole na

Murkho ke bolo na,

Bolo na e kotha

Buke j boro batha.

Bolte j bolo tare

Bujhbe kj bolo kare.

Rojoni j odhare surjo k ghum paray

Amaro edhare ghum harai.

Shondhe name,adhar chore

Raatero adhere chuyechi tomare.

Gogone fuler tara fute othe

Jhore jhore papri pore mukut e.

Duti noyon e prodip jele othe

Dui haath bhije jai paprir borshon e.

Chutia chutia bayu kotha hote ashe

Janina j se kare go bhalobashe…….


Bhalobashar domon hoilo opare

Rokto chitke elo epare.


Drops of words that come pouring down

Pages of tears flying all around.

Pockets of emotions walking down the streets

Fruits of love hanging from the trees.

Flowers of smiles stacked into the vase

Sad emotions bordering the lace of my dress.

I stopped crying,yet tripping all day

Hold me in thy arms,gripping all night.

Learning to dance,to dance to my song

Giving new tunes to your all dedicated wrongs.

Sing a lullaby to put me to sleep,

Don’t drag me all along,my dreams might rip.


Surjo j neme geche

Buke betha jege geche.

E prithibite keho bujhbena

Ami tomake harabona.

Raat chuye eseche tomay

Ghum hariye feleche amai.

Jibon er shondha-raate e ki lukochuri.

Bhalobashar mukut gole gelo krondon er shrote

Jani tomar rokte uthle poreche bhalobashar abege.

Bhalobasha-taar jonno bhalobasha.



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  1. Your poems are so deep and are meaningful. I like your blog posts and your pieces of poetry which you share from time to time.



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