Saturday, November 13, 2010


The night air stuck to my body,as I leaned against the verandah railing…my eyes spotted some dragon-flies in the light coming off the gleaming street light….the pale golden yellow light emitted by the street lights illuminated the dark lanes….my shoulder strained….I busied myself in unknotting my muscles…pressed the shoulder blades and twisted my head sideways..pressing relief on my body…I looked up at the sky,while my hand glided down and searched for the verandah railing to hold on to…I breathed harder as the crescent moon looked down upon me….my thoughts wandered..and I wondered about the poets who get inspired by the faint white light of the crescent moon….the satellite of Mother Earth……

No,the white light did not catch my attention..what was held in my web—was that half of the moon,which was lost in the darkness of itself…I drew the distinctly faint outline of the other half of the crescent moon…didn’t it desire to charm the world..or sing a lullaby to the motherless child…. Did it feel deprived..sure,it did… what pleasure and celebration must it for the other half on the full moon night….i was lost in these revolving thoughts when I heard my mother in the kitchen……..


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