Friday, November 19, 2010


I pushed open my window and leaned out.. I rested my palms on the window sill and let my eyes graze in the field of nature… it was eight-thirty in the morning,and the sun hadn’t left its bed yet..i could smell my breath ,the freshly brushed toothpaste..i smelt it all.. .. there at a small construction site near my house,the workers had already set to work.. a girl dressed in red skirt and white shirt cycled down the grey pitched road,off to school…. Somewhere near by a cycle rickshaw honked.. I saw a grand father,combed white hair,in grey pyjamas taking his grand daughter to school…down there,beside my apartment,there stood a girl,busy texting to someone..i could hear a conversation between the locals vegetable seller and a middle aged woman.. I could hear the baby in the neighbouring house,fumbling with his newly learnt words….

A crow flapped his wings and flew by..the banana tree near my apartment building had outgrown.. I noticed the leaves hung over on the other side of the of it had dried up,and drooped down..the building overlooking my apartment was an old one..i saw peepal saplings growing from the cracks of the building…it looked old,weary..experienced and weathered….

Along the window railing,I noticed a dispatched spider lay there..may be it was a failed attempt by a spider,I thought.. the air smelt musty,like spinach leaves..i heard the clanging of utensils …. Slowly the sunlight started filtering in,and in gradual succession,I could hear the noise of daily life amplifying…honks of vehicles,calls of vegetable sellers,shops opening…..i did not want to hear it all over again……, I pulledthe curtain,sat down at my table and stuck a book at my nose………

….the day had had already begun……..


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