Monday, November 15, 2010


I let the spray of cold water from the shower to relax my pounding head.. I sat down and held my head between my knees.. I felt weak.. nothing felt good__the shower flowed on,and there under the showeri poured mugfuls of water down my hair…lukewarm tears flowed down..and even under the shower..i felt their presence,their flow,their warmth…. I closed the tapsand brushed my drenched hair with the wooly towel…. In the crispy,warm clothes and wet hair,I stepped out of the cold bathroom…. I felt giddy and rushed over and bent over the kitchen sink__my stomach churned,but nothing exploded out of my mouth..__the smell of bile that rose from the burps made me dizzy………….

I closed my eyes..wishing to crush my eyeballs____and pressed my temples against the wall… I pressed hard until,beneath my skin,the blood capillaries had burst open…… I clutched my feet,desiring to bang them away___i felt miserable

My veins seemed to be drugged,as I dragged my loathing body __to the bedroom… I pulled aside my bed cover and layon the bare bed,…..yes,I’m depressed………..

And all this afternoon,I’ve done so….



  1. excellent post...straight frm heart...

  2. Start writing short stories.. You have improved your narrative skills... hone it up..

  3. I wrote few when i was small...small refers to when i was in class9....but my teachers keep saying that i write very depressing i stopped fact,the ones i wrote earlier,were actually good ones...and i've lost them... :(

    writing stories does consume such more time...n patience is something i can't afford ;)



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